Retirement Opens The Door To New Friendships

Why today’s retirees are happier than ever.

Forget the image of a pipe and slippers, today’s retirees are reinventing retirement and reinventing themselves. And the opportunity to make new friends is one of the driving factors behind their desire to make the move into modern, thriving communities like those created by The Village Retirement Group. Quite simply, being surrounded by friends can make the difference between having a good retirement and enjoying a great one.

More friends means more fun.

Our beautifully built, award-winning Villages make it easy to experience a more rewarding retirement because they’re specifically designed to be fun places to live and to encourage the social side of life. Whether you take up a new hobby like gardening or bowls, join a fitness class, add your skills to one of our art or music groups or simply drop in to the café for a pot of tea there’s a wealth of interesting things to do and new people to meet. Or is it new things to do and interesting people to meet? Either way, you’ll soon feel at home and be making friends in no time.

The importance of friendship.

Maintaining or developing strong friendships in retirement has a significant and positive impact on your wellbeing. As we age, we all become more dependent on others. Knowing you have friends who will rally round in times of need, intuitively knowing what needs doing is one of the factors that helps retirees relax and enjoy life more. Good friends can be relied on to do exactly what you would do for them if the roles were reversed. Even better, they’ll be there to celebrate and share the good times too!

Sharing memories. Looking forward to the future.

One of the great things about making new friends is discovering just how many shared memories and experiences you have. It’s amazing how many of our Villagers discover their new neighbours are old mates they’d lost touch with, or who have mutual friends or life stories in common. It all helps to cement the feeling that you’re truly one of us, and that the Village is the perfect place for you to enjoy retirement, amongst like-minded people who value the same things you do.

Press play on life!

Surrounded by all the fun, laughter, shared memories and support that friendship means, life in any one of our unique Villages is all about making the most of every day, and looking forward to the future with a smile on your face – Don’t retire for good, retire for great at The Village!


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