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Health & Wellbeing for People Over the Age of 60

Health and wellbeing is one of the biggest things to consider when it comes to transitioning into retirement. For people aged over 60 in particular, it’s important to maintain a physical lifestyle and to develop social connections for a healthy mindset. Whether through social outings, group activities, sporting pursuits or anything in-between, breaking down barriers and getting people to communicate and participate in life is key. At The Village Retirement Group, we custom build welcoming and nurturing environments that focus on just that. Read on below to find out about how we make the lives of our residents a little brighter each day.

Key things to consider in your life

Loneliness and depression can creep up on anyone, especially those people entering the later stages of life. Similarly, a decline in mobility and physical strength are not uncommon. That’s why stimulating both the body and mind plays an integral role in creating positivity and happiness. The World Health Organisation advocates for regular movement and mental challenges to help older people feel vibrant and connected to the world around them. The Village Retirement Group takes these ideas seriously and works to achieve a fantastic quality of life for everyone that spends time with us.

What The Village has to offer

The Village provides a range of options to support people over the age of 60. Our communal vegetable garden is ideal for residents that want to hone their green thumb while having a conversation with the person next to them. We have beautifully landscaped grounds that are perfect for exploration and leisurely walks in pairs or larger groups. The art and music programs on offer are a fantastic way to engage with like minded individuals who share a similar passion. We also have something for the sporting fans, with bowling greens, gyms, indoor swimming pools and more.

The Village Retirement Group appreciates the importance of spirituality and encourages residents to reflect upon what they want to achieve. Establishing a legacy is one way to feel happy in life and this brings great joy to the residents who share this special space with us. Giving back can take a variety of forms and is unique to each individual person, and that’s why it is so meaningful. Our job is to provide people with the means to impart their own message so that they can enjoy a true sense of fulfillment.

Your experience with us

Our amazing team of friendly and dedicated staff work hard to ensure that each and every resident is well taken care of. We value health and wellbeing above all else which means that residents always have access to a range of fantastic options to keep them busy and engaged. From sporting groups to music programs, art classes and more, The Village has everything that you could possibly need. Contact us today and let’s chat about how we can bring a sense of love and joy to your retirement experience.

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