Hold your pace – Restoring function and activity is crucial for those over 65

Miles Browning

Have you ever found yourself wondering if ageing can be reversed? Is prolonged life a healthy, happy one? And ultimately, is it possible to restore function and activity levels even as we age?

The short answer to the latter is yes, according to accomplished professional and founder of Fizzio Clinics, Miles Browning. Miles is one of the familiar faces seen in and around The Villages – having dedicated his career to improving the health and well-being of many. Miles’ professional journey has led him to the aged care sector, where 37 years of experience and expertise are put into practice.

“As people age, their bodies go through changes that can affect their mobility and physical abilities, such as reduced muscle mass, decreased bone density, and changes in their balance,” says Miles. But how can one combat these changes?

Miles recommends seeking professional guidance, engaging in regular exercise, practicing fall prevention, eating a healthy diet, and managing chronic conditions accordingly.

When it comes to keeping mobile, there is a plethora of ways to do so (and they are easy to implement into daily routines) – think walking up hills, never sitting for too long, working on balance, and regular strength training.

Living at The Village means residents can access five-star healthcare services including consultations with Miles and his team. “We offer physiotherapy and remedial massage services to assist residents with injuries and managing chronic conditions. We also run a variety of different classes including therapeutic exercise, healthy ageing, balance, Pilates, and stretch classes,” says Miles.

All of their services are tailored to each individual need, something which the team prides itself on being able to do seamlessly. “This is done by understanding the unique characteristics of each client’s presentation and developing a treatment plan with them to meet their goals,” says Miles.

Further information about services and programs can be found at fizzioclinics.com

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