The Benefits Of Trying New Things


Have you heard about the 89-year-old grandma taking the world by storm with her hilarious self-portraits? Kimiko Nishimoto has become an inspiration for people of all ages, proving it’s never too late to discover a new passion or have some fun.

Kimiko, a house wife who raised three children, didn’t pick up a camera until she was 72. She enrolled in a beginner’s course taught by son and professional artist, Kazutami. Within two years, she’d set up a home studio and started editing her comical and quirky photos on her computer.

Last year, having attracted thousands of admirers on Instagram, she held her first major solo exhibition in Tokyo. The exhibition titled Asobokane, meaning “let’s play”, sums her philosophy on life. She’s photographed herself racing her scooter, as a frog, drinking large cans of beer, stuck under a bus and as washing hung out to dry.

“I just want to do something funny. As far as I’m concerned, life is all about being playful,’’ she has told local media. With stooped posture and unable to leave the house without her walker, Kimiko is constantly looking for new ideas and ways to be creative.

Now we might not all become internet sensations but there’s certainly no reason we can’t try something new and perhaps discover a new passion in life. They don’t say ‘variety is the spice of life’ for nothing!

Our village communities offer a wide variety of activities, sports and games to explore. From sewing to singing, canasta to snooker, lawn bowls to line dancing, taiji qigong to book clubs, there’s something for everyone. A rich social calendar including musical concerts, bus trips and community work also offers a great chance to explore new places and experiences.

Challenging ourselves is good for our health and a great way to meet people. Trying new things forces our brains to think differently and stimulates our creativity, which can help us see our daily lives in new, different ways.

Learning new skills and discovering new passions can also increasing our confidence and making us more attractive to new friends. The more things you try, the more capable you feel and the less new situations scare you.

So, what have you always wanted to try? Give it a go and you never know, you might become the latest sensation in your community – if not the world!

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