How ACAT Assessment Impacts Your In-Home Support

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Navigating the ins and outs of the Government’s aged care support landscape to find the elusive Home Care Package can seem overwhelming. We sat down with The Village Home Care Services provider, Ulendo Roode, to find out more about the process and learn why getting an ACAT assessment is an integral step to receiving the in-home support you may need.

What is an ACAT assessment?

ACAT, or Aged Care Assessment Team, represents the assessment process undertaken by a My Aged Care representative. Its purpose is to determine the requirements for in-home services and support funded by the Commonwealth Government.

The Significance of ACAT Assessment

An ACAT assessment serves as a crucial step in gaining approval for a Home Care Package (HCP), ensuring the appropriate level of funding is allocated to address your specific needs.

How to Undergo ACAT Assessment

To qualify for an ACAT assessment, follow these steps:

  1. Express Interest: Register your intent by reaching out to My Aged Care (MAC) and acquire an AC (aged care) number.
  2. Eligibility Screening: MAC will pose relevant screening questions to assess your eligibility and specific needs.
  3. Request a Home Care Package (HCP): Emphasise your desire for a Home Care Package, which offers more comprehensive and customizable support compared to the basic Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP).
  4. Demonstrate Higher Needs: Highlight your requirements in areas like mobility, cognition, medication management, medical history, transportation, and meal preparation, showcasing the need for enhanced support for daily living.
  5. Ensure Quality of Life: Display how your needs contribute to maintaining a secure and improved quality of life in your current living situation.
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The Comprehensive Advantage of the Full Package

Moving beyond the ACAT assessment journey leads to the full package—enabling you to select providers and services that align with your evolving requirements. Securing a Home Care Package acts as a vital safety net, enhancing your enjoyment of the beloved Village lifestyle.

Effective Preparation for Your Journey

Meet with our Care Coordinators to delve into the process intricacies, aiding in the creation of a comprehensive list of needs and potential risks. This list becomes integral to your ACAT assessment, conducted by a MAC-appointed nurse. 

Our coordinators are also available to provide guidance on private payment options for services until your Home Care Package is approved, if necessary.

Common Queries about ACAT Assessments

There are two avenues to secure an ACAT/ACAS assessment:

  • Reach out directly to the My Aged Care contact centre.
  • Obtain a referral from your GP or another healthcare professional.

The ACAT/ACAS assessment is provided at no cost. However, you will need a My Aged Care client record to initiate the assessment process.

The duration for securing an ACAT assessment can fluctuate. It may extend up to six weeks, contingent on the urgency of your circumstances.

An Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) oversees the ACAT assessment, usually comprising a nurse and an additional healthcare expert, such as a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, or social worker. The assessment is carried out at your chosen location.

An ACAT assessment commonly spans 45 to 75 minutes. You are encouraged to ask questions during the assessment, and you won’t be compelled to make immediate decisions. Bringing along a family member or friend is also welcome.

Subsequent to the ACAT assessment, the team will compile a comprehensive report, which you can anticipate receiving in roughly two weeks. This report itemizes the sanctioned services, any associated conditions, and the rationale behind the decisions. Furthermore, you will gain insights into service providers available in your locality.

In the event of dissatisfaction with the ACAT assessment outcome, you have the option to raise a complaint via the My Aged Care platform.

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