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At The Village Home Care Services Pty Ltd (The Village), we are dedicated to supporting your independence and enhancing your quality of life. As an approved Home Care Package Provider, we offer flexible services tailored to your needs. Our caring team of professionals will help you choose the right options for you, ensuring your safety and well-being. Experience the comfort and reassurance of receiving personalised care in the familiarity of your own home with The Village Home Care Services options.

How We Can Help

As we age, many people may find themselves needing a little extra help to carry out their day-to-day activities. Whether it’s cooking, cleaning, needing a lift to the shops, or supporting your personal care routine, everyone needs a helping hand from time to time.

Extensive research shows that as we get older, the more support we receive, the longer we can remain independent in our own homes. At The Village Retirement Group, we will match you with a personal care assistant (PCA) in aged care who can provide the support you need to continue living independently.

Our workers look after people from all walks of life and have experience providing specialised at-home care to all people with a personalised care plan.

What Types of At-Home Care Services Can You Provide?

As an official homecare service provider, our qualified staff and registered nurses provide support to our residents in a number of different ways. We offer a range of comprehensive services to support your needs and enhance your well-being.

  • Our Personal Care services encompass various daily tasks such as showering, bathing, toileting, dressing/undressing, assistance with getting in and out of bed, hair washing and drying, shaving, and medication prompts. We understand the importance of maintaining personal hygiene and ensuring your comfort.
  • To promote a healthy lifestyle, we provide meal preparation and assistance services. Our dedicated team can help you with nutritious meal planning and preparation, ensuring that you receive the nourishment you need.
  • For light domestic tasks, we offer Domestic Assistance services to keep your home clean and safe. This includes cleaning, laundry, ironing, and other related household chores, allowing you to maintain a comfortable living environment.
  • Our Nursing services are provided by Registered and Enrolled Nurses (AHPRA registered). They specialise in wound care and management, medication administration, general health assessments (including continence and cognition), and certain medical tests such as blood pressure monitoring. Please note that the service fee does not cover the cost of goods like bandages, dressings, and continence aids.
  • In-home Respite Care is available to provide support when your primary caregiver needs a well-deserved break. We ensure that you are looked after and cared for during their absence.
  • To combat loneliness and ensure social engagement, our Companionship & Social Support services offer one-on-one support. Our Support Workers are available to accompany you to appointments, assist with shopping, and provide transportation to social gatherings. We believe in fostering a sense of connection and companionship within the community.
  • If you require equipment or modifications to your home, we can assist you in making necessary changes to improve accessibility and convenience. This may include the installation of handrails, lever taps, or other modifications. Additionally, we can coordinate an Occupational Therapist assessment to determine the appropriate equipment or modifications required.
  • As part of our commitment to a holistic approach, we have a panel of approved Allied Health sub-contractors, including Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists. Their involvement in your care will be coordinated by us, ensuring a comprehensive and integrated approach.

At The Village, we are dedicated to providing personalised and supportive services to meet your specific needs. Our team is here to assist you in living a fulfilling and independent life.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’d like to know more about our homecare services, feel free to consult our FAQs below or head over to our contact page to get in touch with our Care Management Team today. We’re available to answer any queries you may have, so don’t hesitate to reach out today to find out how we can help you with all your at-home needs.

Overnight Care is provided in 12-hour shifts, with 8 hours dedicated to sleep and 4 hours for active support. Support Workers require a separate room with a bed and need 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Additional fees apply for disturbances during the sleep period, charged at the appropriate hourly rate. If there are more than two disturbances per night, the total fee will revert back to an hourly rate.

24-Hour Live-in Care is suitable for low care clients who require regular monitoring in their own home. A single Support Worker is present throughout the shift, with the same start and end time. Support Workers need a separate room with a bed and can work a maximum of 8 hours during each shift. If the Support Worker exceeds 8 hours, the total fee will revert back to an hourly rate. Note: High care is delivered in 3 x 8-hour active shifts with three separate Support Workers on rotation.

No, we do not charge a per kilometre fee for the travel time or distance covered by our Support Workers when they travel to you. The cost of travel is not passed on to you.

We provide our services through both our government-funded home care and private fee options so you can access support no matter what your budget may be. 

On top of meeting your fee requirements, we also make sure our packages meet your exact care requirements as well. Rather than having a standard offering for each package, we modify our services to suit your needs. 

Your personal aged care assistant will work with you to develop a tailored support program that gives you the exact help you require to continue living life your way. Our packages cover the following four levels of care:

  • Basic care needs
  • Low care needs
  • Intermediate care needs
  • High care needs

Yes, we charge for the distance travelled during a visit as a return trip, whether or not the client accompanies the Support Worker. For example, if our Support Worker takes you shopping or to an appointment, the charge is $1.15 per kilometre.

Is there a fee for customer reimbursement of approved HCP expenses?

Yes, if you are reimbursed for an approved HCP expense that you have paid, we charge a surcharge of 5% to cover the cost of administering these refunds. The surcharge is capped at $300 per invoice.

For cancellations or rescheduling of services with less than 7 days’ notice, the following fees apply:

If notice is given within 7 days of the service booking and suitable alternative arrangements cannot be made, the full service fee will be charged.

Any last-minute cancellations within 24 hours of the service booking will always be charged the full fee, as there is insufficient time to make alternative arrangements.

At The Village Retirement Group, we understand the importance of having a personal care assistant who you know, like, and trust. That’s why all of our at-home support is delivered by a compassionate team of trained and qualified staff who work exclusively for The Village. This means you’ll have the comfort of a familiar face who knows you, your home, and your needs, and will be on time every time.

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