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Anglicare Partnership: Elevating Retirement Living at The Village Taigum

The Village Taigum proudly joins forces with AngliCare Southern Queensland to establish a dynamic partnership that sets a new benchmark for retirement living in Southern Queensland. With a shared vision of providing exceptional care and support to residents, this partnership brings together the expertise and resources of two highly respected organisations.

The AngliCare Difference: Tailored Services to Enhance Your Lifestyle

AngliCare has a longstanding history of community support and involvement, offering a wide range of services designed to promote health, independence, and an enriched lifestyle. With a commitment to personalised care, AngliCare’s dedicated staff can assist you in maintaining the lifestyle you have worked hard to achieve.

Tailored Services: The services provided by AngliCare are fully customizable to meet your individual needs. You have the freedom to choose the services you require, in any combination, and decide when and how you want them. 

Some of the services offered include housework, cleaning, bill paying and banking assistance, shopping support, meal preparation, friendly visits and companionship, social activities and bus trips, personal care, home maintenance and modifications, and spiritual and pastoral care. 

If you have unique requirements that are not on the list, the compassionate AngliCare team will collaborate with you to develop a tailored solution that meets your specific circumstances.

On-site Assisted Care Solutions: St Martin's Residential Care and Symes Grove

AngliCare Southern Queensland has a proud history of providing high-quality residential care to older Queenslanders. The Village Taigum benefits from its proximity to AngliCare’s Symes Grove and St Martin’s residential care facilities, offering residents convenient access to additional levels of assisted care.

Symes Grove: Symes Grove is equipped with 24-hour nursing and care assistance, specialising in dementia care and featuring beautifully landscaped gardens with various outdoor recreational areas. It provides a supportive and secure environment for individuals requiring specialised attention.

St Martin’s: St Martin’s offers residential aged care with 24-hour nursing and care assistance, catering to those with high physical frailty and individuals in need of palliative care. Residents at St Martin’s also benefit from the dedicated support of AngliCare’s volunteers, who provide additional companionship and social engagement. Knowing that your loved ones can receive personalised care and attention while residing in a compassionate environment brings great peace of mind.

Peace of Mind: Volunteer Services and Personalized Care at St Martin's

At St Martin’s, AngliCare offers volunteer services to provide extra company and social support for residents. This additional support brings peace of mind, knowing that your loved ones can enjoy extra attention while receiving the necessary support and care they need. It is a testament to AngliCare’s commitment to creating a warm and inclusive community within their residential care facilities.

The Village Taigum, in collaboration with AngliCare, offers a unique and comprehensive retirement living experience. With tailored services, on-site assisted care options, and a commitment to enhancing the well-being of residents, this partnership ensures that your retirement years are filled with comfort, support, and a strong sense of community.

Experience the difference that the AngliCare partnership brings to The Village Taigum, where exceptional care and a vibrant lifestyle await you.

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