Can You Work and Reside in a Retirement Village? Your Questions, Answered

Retirement Community

When many envision a retirement village, they often imagine a stark and impersonal environment where much of their independence is taken from them. When in reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. We’re here to show you that when you choose to transition to a retirement village, you’re able to enjoy all of the things you used to and more, all in an environment that is vibrant and welcoming.

Regardless of whether you want to continue working or pursuing your interests outside of The Village, we’ll demonstrate that retirement communities can add to your independence whilst boasting a range of other benefits.

The Difference Between Retirement Villages and Aged Care

Retirement Villages and Aged care (or nursing homes) are two distinct senior living options, each with their own purpose, services, and features. The following are the key differences between aged care and a retirement village:

  • Level of Care

    Retirement villages offer a suite of independent living options for active seniors who can live on their own with minimal assistance. For example, within our Village communities, our homecare services are designed to provide support when residents need it whilst affording them the independence to enjoy retirement living. This contrasts with aged care facilities, designed to offer 24/7 care for residents with more significant or complex medical needs.

  • Independence

    Residents of retirement villages have relatively insignificant medical/health care needs and, as a result, live on their own and maintain a high level of freedom and independence. This means that individuals in retirement villages have a greater sense of autonomy and control over their schedules and daily activities. However, in nursing homes, many residents have limited independence, often requiring assistance with basic tasks such as bathing and dressing.

  • Amenities & Social Activities

    Retirement villages offer a wide range of amenities, such as fitness centres, swimming pools, dining options, and social activities. This is because residents of retirement villages are generally more independent and seek more of an active and social lifestyle. However, aged care facilities primarily focus on medical and personal care, with fewer amenities and social activities.

Can I Continue Working if I live in a Retirement Village?

In short – absolutely!

One primary benefit of living in a retirement village is that you can continue to work and pursue your interests and hobbies. With a focus on empowering residents to maintain their independence, retirement villages create an environment where seniors can continue to work whilst benefitting from a range of amenities, services, and activities.

Benefits of Working and Living in a Retirement Village

Other than providing residents with continued independence and freedom to work and pursue their hobbies and interests, retirement villages provide older individuals with a range of benefits. Explore them below.

  1. Low-Maintenance Living

    One of the primary benefits of living in a retirement village while still working is not having to maintain a large house and backyard. This means that when you return from work, you’re free to enjoy other activities available within our communities instead of worrying about ongoing household chores and cleaning.

    The newfound freedom grants you the opportunity to make the most of your leisure time and relish in the experiences that independent retirement living has to offer.

  2. Community & Connection

    Retirement communities are a hub for community and connection where residents can maintain independence and thrive in a supportive environment. Additionally, the sense of belonging that comes from connecting with other like-minded individuals helps to combat feelings of isolation and promote mental, social, and emotional well-being.

    Within our communities, there are plenty of opportunities for residents to build strong relationships and engage in social activities with others. Here, residents can work and then return to enjoy a calendar of social events, clubs, and activities designed to cater to their hobbies and interests.

  3. Close Access to Healthcare

    Residents in retirement villages typically enjoy close proximity to healthcare facilities and local providers of health services. This readily available access to medical care is especially crucial for those with health concerns and chronic conditions as it ensures they receive the attention they need in a timely manner.

    Within our retirement villages, our residents can access medical services, such as a regular GP, podiatrist, physio, and more, on a regular basis. This provides both residents and their families with peace of mind that their health needs will be taken care of.

  4. Range of Activities & Amenities

    Retirement villages, as opposed to aged care facilities, offer their residents a range of amenities and opportunities to engage socially with others. This is due to the nature of retirement villages, which are designed to promote independence and an active lifestyle. This creates an environment where residents can live life on their own terms.

    We offer our residents a range of amenities, such as world-class accommodation, swimming pools, lawn bowl greens, and more. We also offer a vibrant calendar full of social activities such as pool, trivia, bingo, book club, etc. This way, when residents return from work, they’re able to enjoy an array of amenities and activities right on their doorstep.

  5. Live Independently for Longer

    The primary purpose of retirement villages is to encourage older individuals to live independently for longer. The combination of accessible healthcare, supportive services, and a strong sense of community empowers residents to maintain their independence and quality of life for as long as possible.

    We place the utmost emphasis on independent living by providing residents with support when they need it most. Otherwise, our residents have the freedom to manage their daily routines, make their own choices, and enjoy an active lifestyle in a secure and supportive environment.

Enjoy Work and Retirement at The Village Retirement Group

Transitioning to a retirement village offers an opportunity to break free from the stereotypes often associated with senior living. It’s not about relinquishing independence; it’s about embracing a fulfilling and active lifestyle while enjoying the benefits of a supportive community.

We pride ourselves on fostering a warm and inviting environment that encourages independence and self-reliance. In doing so, we empower our residents to continue working and pursuing their hobbies and interests, allowing them to lead fulfilling lives on their own terms.

Choosing The Village means enjoying a secure, warm, and welcoming environment where you can thrive in your own way, debunking the myths surrounding retirement living. It’s about embracing independence, not relinquishing it.

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