Making Downsizing Easy


As excited as we can be about starting a new phase of life in a new home, the actual act of shifting our belongings from one place to the next is sometimes far less than exciting. In fact, moving house is considered one of the most stressful occurrences in a person’s life.

Still, like it or not, moving home is something we’ll all do several times in our lifetime. Our team, at The Village Retirement Group, want your new lifestyle to be easy and stress-free from the time we first say ‘Hello’, all the way through to seeing you relaxed in your favourite chair in your new home.

That’s why we give you access to a Valet downsizing and relocation service, which handles everything from deciding what items to keep, sell or donate; pack and unpack into your new home; coordinate external contractors; and clean your old home ready for sale or rental. We care about you and making retirement easy.


If you’d prefer to handle things yourself, here are a few tips guaranteed to make the whole process go smoothly:

  1.  Give yourself as much time as possible to sort through your belongings, pack and move. There’s nothing more stressful than a tight deadline!
  2.  Create lists of things to keep, donate or throw out. Ask yourself – what would I save in a fire? Have I used/worn/read/looked at it in the past 12 months? Do I have another item that serves the same purpose? Do I love it? What’s the sentimental value? Is it in good shape? Will it last a long time? Are any repairs worth the cost?
  3. In less sentimental rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom or garage, be even more brutal. For example, only take what you need for you and a dinner party of six. Are you really going to use that fondue set? Do you really need 10 tablecloths, 20 sheet sets or a lawnmower?
  4. Have boxes handy and pack as you go. Start with the things you need the least, label boxes clearly and be sure to protect delicate items.
  5. Arrange to have donations collected by charity organisations and refuse taken to the dump quickly. It’s so easy to change your mind and pull things out of the pile if they’re left sitting for too long.
  6. Keep the size of your new home/ideal home in mind, and be realistic about what you need and can fit in. Perhaps draw a rough floor plan so you can picture what you’re going to put where.
  7. Enlist a fresh set of eyes. A helper can be objective and give you a push to get rid of the ab-cruncher, sewing machine and pitchfork you’ve never used.
  8. Collect quotes from several removalists, ask friends for recommendations and book well in advance.
  9. Websites like eBay, Gumtree and Facebook marketplaces are great ways to sell furniture and household goods for some extra cash but check out local antique or collectibles dealers for more specialty items.
  10. Create an “Arrivals” box containing toiletries, prescriptions, cleaning supplies and basic kitchen items – whatever you might need for your first night in your new home. Don’t forget the local takeaway menus!
  11. Now, you’re in your new home and it’s time to unpack. Be brutal and cull again. If there’s a box still waiting to be unpacked a month later, it probably contains things you don’t need.
  12. Try to be organised as possible from the start. Make the best use of the storage space available. There’s plenty of organisational boxes/folders/stackable shelves available these days to make the most of your space.
  13. Don’t forget to update your insurance; perhaps your premiums will be lower!
  14. Take a minute to sit down, catch your breath and enjoy your new home. But don’t waste any more time – your new friends are waiting to meet you in the restaurant, on the bowling green, in the library, and by the pool!


To enquire how we can make downsizing easy, including relocation services available please enquire when you are touring your Village?

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