What Age Can You Go Into a Retirement Village? Your Questions, Answered.

What age can you go into retirement Village

Retirement homes are designed for seniors wanting to live independently while enjoying the benefits of a community, but at what age can you move into a retirement village, exactly? At The Village Retirement Group, we’re here to answer your questions about who can live in our retirement communities, what life looks like in The Village, and more. Get the information you need and allow us to help you prepare for your retirement today!

How Old Do You Have to Be to Live in a Retirement Village? 

While many people may assume retirement villages are only an option for older citizens requiring regular at-home care, this is actually far from the truth. So, at what age can you live in a retirement home? Well, there are lots of retirement villages that will welcome residents as young as 55, many of whom still lead busy and active lives. 

At The Village Retirement Group, we are committed to building a community for seniors who want to maintain their independence through a more low-maintenance lifestyle. That’s why we welcome anyone over the age of 65 who is looking to stay active and continue their everyday routines with minimal day-to-day assistance.

Do You Have to Be Retired to Live in a Retirement Village? 

The short answer is no! Despite their name, you don’t have to be retired to live in a retirement village. 

Retirement villages are for anyone who wants to enjoy their senior years in a more relaxed and easygoing community. While most village residents are fully retired, there are many who still enjoy working in some capacity. Whether it’s a partial retirement or full-time work, there’s no need to give up the career you love before you move into a retirement village. 

A Closer Look at Life in The Village

Now we’ve established who can live in our retirement communities, you might be interested to know what life in The Village actually looks like. At The Village, our retirement communities have a number of recreational activities, group events, and communal spaces for residents to explore and enjoy, such as:

  • Indoor and lawn bowls
  • Libraries
  • Yoga/Tai Chi rooms
  • Outdoor BBQ areas
  • Swimming pools
  • Community centres
  • Cinemas
  • Craft rooms

To learn more about life in The Village and how we support our residents to live life their way, check out our Guide to Independent Retirement Living.

What Else Should You Consider Before Moving Into a Retirement Village?

If moving into a retirement village sounds like the right lifestyle choice for you, there are a few extra things you may need to consider before you move. To help you stay informed about retirement village life and ensure your move is as smooth as possible, we’d recommend reading up on the following village policies and procedures. 

Pet Policies

Every retirement village has its own pet policy. If you have a furry friend you’d like to bring with you when you move, it’s important to find somewhere that welcomes pets as members of the community. 

At The Village, we understand how important pets are to our residents, which is why our retirement communities are all pet-friendly! Check out our blog post about pet-friendly retirements to read more about how you and your pet can enjoy village life together.

At-Home Care Services

As you get older, it’s reassuring to know that support is available should you need it. That’s why we provide personalised homecare services to help our residents get the care they need while continuing to live independently in the comfort of their own homes.

Village Costs

When researching retirement communities, it’s important to know the costs associated with each village. Every retirement village has fees that its residents are required to pay to ensure the community and its facilities are properly managed and maintained. 

The overall cost of a retirement village covers a few different areas, including the fees for your residence, village maintenance, and any additional services provided. Our retirement villages have costs that fall into three main categories:

  • Ingoing costs
  • Ongoing charges
  • Exit fees

To enquire further about our fees, please contact our team today. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have so you can prepare your finances well before you move into your new home.

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