“Painting the Picture” – Meet our Residents, The Village on the Downs

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Sketch, acrylic, charcoal or oil, Fay Cooney’s lifelong love affair with art is still beating strong.

Stroke by stroke with a paintbrush in hand, Fay Cooney goes about life the same way she goes about art – making the most of it.

Though art has always been part and parcel with her lifestyle, ebbing and flowing with the seasons of life, it was when Fay retired at 69 that she was able to totally immerse herself in the various mediums of art. “I have gradually become more and more involved in developing different forms of art. Charcoal is a great medium but messy, at least when in my hands,” she says.

“I work with both oil and acrylic. I probably prefer acrylic as I do like to paint with my fingers at times, with my “been there, done that, what’s next” personality, I find that oil takes too long to dry, but I do like the blending effects I can get with it.”

With candour, she admits that while she relishes in experimenting with different forms, her art is driven by “what the mood calls for” rather than aspiring to be like anyone else. “While I admire a great number of the older artists, I do not try to assimilate any … I do envy artists who produce great abstract art as this is completely outside my ability,” she says.

From contributing several large murals to the theatre over the years to sharing works with family members, Fay has many pieces that stand out to her, including a striking adornment right in her humble abode. “Recently I felt the need to go big, the wall of my courtyard became the victim as it now sports a lovely rural scene,” she says.

As CEO of The Range Artists, Fay has much to be excited for with a wealth of showcases, workshops, and moreish snacks to boot. “I do take art to some of the local shows for myself and other members, but my art is for my own entertainment, so I am not a great exhibitor. However, I do enjoy sharing my art and have a few like-minded friends over every Thursday morning for painting,” Fay says.

“I occasionally run a ‘paint along’ for a group of six. Paint and sip sound great but there is little time for sipping so I often settle for a help-yourself morning tea!”


Fay is a resident at The Village on the Downs, Toowoomba. This article originally featured in edition 1 of The Village Retirement Group’s resident magazine, “Village Living.” Request your copy of the magazine today when you enquire below.

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