Move on in – Why moving back from across the ditch was a great decision


Relocating overseas is a huge decision– and even more so as a widow – but after living in New Zealand for 37 years, Gweneth Pilling decided to pack up her life and head back to the Sunshine State (aka The Village Redcliffe). We asked Gweneth all the reasons why she made the move…

What was the main reason you wanted to return?
My main reason for moving was my family, most of whom live close to The Village. My sister, Alison lives here too. I have no children, so it made sense to move back to be closer to family.

Tell us about the decision-making process you went through?
Making the decision to move was easy – the hard part was having to sell my previous home and saying goodbye to all my friends. Then I had to try to purchase a villa here and be able to fund everything! I received great help from Emma Fullerton from the sales team.

Are you glad you made the move?
Yes, I enjoy my life here! Previously I travelled from NZ each year to see my family, but now I see them every week. I get to attend lots of family events now, ones that I used to miss out on.

How do you spend your days in the Village?
I’ve been very fortunate in making some marvellous friends. I go to Happy Hour every Friday night and I help sell the raffle tickets on Fridays. Everyone enjoys the raffles and the company of other like-minded residents. I’ve made three close friends and we went on a super cruise of the Pacific. We join together for drinks and meals. Redcliffe has an excellent entertainment centre and we are often off to the theatre.

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